What about hope?

Well, it feels a little like we went to Six Flags to ride the roller coaster ten days ago and just never got off, doesn’t it?  Every day has been full of dips, twists and turns, and the general consensus is the ride will not achieve the heights we saw at the beginning for quite some time.

We’ve been shocked, scared, freaked out, angry, remorseful, angry again, and confused…and I’m hearing about people losing hope.  Even those who believe in Jesus.

Hope is not lost.

We often use the word ‘lost’ when we mean misplaced.  Have you ever lost your keys?  When you tell the story, you always talk about finding them where you didn’t think to look.  They weren’t lost – they were just misplaced.

Lost is a far more tragic scenario than misplacing the car keys. 

January 28, 1986, I was standing in line in the college cafeteria when someone ran in and announced that the Space Ship Challenger was lost.  We were glued to TV screens for the rest of the afternoon, watching the same loop of film that recorded the shuttle’s liftoff, and seventy three seconds later, it’s demise.  The Challenger was lost.

Hope is not lost like the Challenger.  Hope is misplaced.  Some of us are despondent today because the future looks different than the one we were vested in.  We had more hope in the American dream than the faith story we professed.  We’re discouraged because the thing that we hoped for may not pan out like we thought, and we’re a little embarrassed to admit it.

Jesus brings more hope than anything in life.  Hope for peace.  Hope for reconciliation with God.  Hope for an afterlife with him.  That’s why hope in Jesus supersedes difficult situations.  It rises higher than the pain of this world

Friends, if your hope is in Jesus, your hope remains.  If you’ve misplaced it, you need to go find it and place it where it belongs.

Hope is not lost.

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