On Lock-Down Eve

At 12:01AM, a few short hours from now, Kansas City and the surrounding area is under a stay-at-home order.  Most of us have taken to calling it ‘lock-down’, but it’s not quite that.  You can read the order here.

To save you the reading, it means we all need to stay home unless we need medical attention, barbecue, gas, groceries or dry cleaning.  Yes, dry cleaning and I have so many questions about that but it’s not important right now.  Other essential organizations can operate – Zoe’s House will continue to operate but everyone is working remotely and they’re getting really creative about it.

We’ve prepared as best we can. 

Grocery stores are open so we won’t starve, but even so, we’ve stocked up on some things.  We’ve also talked with the kids quite about – no play dates, no crossing the fence to play with the neighbor girls, no piano lessons and no school.  They’ve adjusted pretty well – boredom is generally not an issue at our house even when you’re locked in.

We’ve also gathered a little band of friends. We’re about halfway through a 40 day fast, so we’ve been meeting and praying together.  We just moved it to zoom.  This weekend, we had 33 locations online at one time.  In a different world I’d call them campuses but in reality, it was ones, twos, threes or more gathered across the city and a few as far as Florida and California.  Teaching by zoom is a whole different thing but I think people found it worth their while.

With the lock-down, I mean the stay-at-home order, I’ve been hosting a check in time for the group at 10am on Zoom that we call Morning Coffee and then a time of communion and prayer for one another at 7pm – sort of an informal evening vespers.  We’re one day into that and I can tell it’s going to be really valuable.   Some of our group live alone and this is their time to speak to real people face to face.  For others of us, it’s good to see faces other than the faces you’re responsible for once in a while.  Community is hard to come by and I’m grateful for the technology that makes this doable.

I know these are stressful times for everyone.  I certainly feel it, although I also have a strange comfort in not being alone.  This crisis has the power to make us into something that only pressure can.   My prayer for you is that in this time, you lean hard into Jesus and learn to look out for your neighbor.  Make a few extra phone calls.  Send a few extra texts.  We need one another.

Hunker down, Kansas City.  And when I see you at the dry cleaner, I’ll wave from a distance.

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