Kids Don’t Care About Your Fasting

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro is known for his quip, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

I can do him one better.  Kid’s don’t care about your fasting.

I say that because, in fact, we are fasting and from all indicators, the kids don’t care. Tonight was wild.  Not ‘gunfire in the streets’ wild, but ‘7 kids 13 and under’ wild, which is it’s own kind of danger.

The 13 year old with special needs decided to walk home from school, about a mile, in the light rain.  I’m not sure why that happened.

One of the 11 year old twins joined the 10 year old and one of the 8 year old twins in a raucous game of Apples to Apples, a game that none of them understand but managed to argue about none the less.

The five year old managed to hurt himself jumping from something to something.  The details are not clear and he wasn’t spilling the beans.

The other 11 year old twin and 8 year old twin decided to teach the dog to paint. That was not a typo.   Apparently the dog was not interested in art and bolted.  We heard screams of “Paisley is running and she has paint on her paws!”    I noticed when I put her in her crate tonight she did, in fact, have a robin’s egg blue on her paws.  I’m sure I’ll find the color elsewhere in the morning.

We should expect all this.  They’re kids.  And it was funny.

This is the atmosphere we’re fasting in, because we have to find a way to press in to God even as we fight for sanity.  We’ll never know any sort of transcendent love if we can’t manage the nitty gritty of fighting kids and painting dogs.

If you’re in this fast, hang tight.  Stay firm.  You may not be the keeper of a zoo like we are, but you have monkeys of your own.  Pressures.  Unexpected events that drive you a little batty.

Stay the course.  Make some time to pray.  And don’t turn your back on the kids or the dog.

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