Getting Unstuck


I have this thing I do that causes people to do a double-take.  Actually, I have several of those things, but I’m only going to talk about one of them right now.

When I tell someone about something we’re struggling with or need and they say, “We will be praying for you….” I almost always say, “Thanks!  Will you fast?”

Mostly, I get a blank stare.  And I get it.  The bar for praying for someone is a little lower than fasting.   “I’ll pray for you” can be hard to quantify.  Fasting is either done or not done, so we are careful what we commit to fasting about.

Recently I did an informal poll, asking people what they are fasting for right now.  One of the most common responses was for the future for their family, next steps, or simply that they were stuck and wanted to get on with things.  People are ready for what’s next and they’re willing to fast to find out what it is.  That’s remarkable.

Kelsey and I resonate with that.  We’re ready for the next season.  Part of our fast is about next steps, where is the Lord leading, what is He doing and how do we get there from here….because without clear direction, we’re stuck.   That’s true of all of us.

What if we’re all not quite as stuck as we think?

When Scout was about 3, he’d claim he was stuck when he didn’t want to go where we told him.  We’d tell him it was time for dinner, but he’d grab the door frame of his room and protest, “I’m stuck.”

He wasn’t stuck.  He just didn’t want to move to the next thing because the current thing was too comfortable, or at least known.   Sometimes, he’d go to the kitchen to discover that we were having broccoli and he’d wish he’d claimed he was stuck.  Sometimes, being stuck is preferable to the bowl of veggies God is pushing across the table.  Even when they’re good for you.

This fast isn’t about manifesting opportunities.  It’s about getting people unstuck and willing to go where He is leading, no matter the cost.  Fasting makes our bodies weak and our hearts tender, more willing to respond to the invitation of the Lord than we might be in other situations.

Here’s to what’s next and getting unstuck from all that’s been.

adapted from this week’s Third Cup of Coffee podcast

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