Tomorrow, we fast

I have historically not been an enthusiastic faster.

I support fasting.  I fast.  I have just embraced it reluctantly because, well….fasting.

Something is different in me right now.  Tomorrow, we begin a 40 day fast and perhaps for the first time since the year 2000, I am eager to dive in.  Perhaps because I am as desperate for God to move as I was back then.

In 2000, we were church planting in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati.  We were different people than we are now.  Adding eight children and twenty years of ministry will have an effect on you.  Yet in some ways we are the same.

We are very aware that our nation is at a crossroads.   We fasted in 2000, and the next September, the United States suffered an attack that would change the trajectory of our foreign policy, our expectations of privacy, our economy and our sense of safety forever. It feels a little like the nation is at a similar crossroads.  So much is uncertain, and what is certain does not seem encouraging, unless God breaks in.

We are hungry for a God-challenge.  We’ve had a few over the years, and we have found that we flourish in the challenges that God offers us while we struggle with those we pick up on our own.   Twenty years in, I’m realizing that the challenges He calls us to are the ones He chooses fight alongside us.

If you’re interested, we are joining in with Lou Engle and others for The Jesus Fast,  Over 60,000 people worldwide have signed up to do this together.

Also, I’ve been talking a little about fasting in recent editions of the Third Cup of Coffee podcast.  You can find it here.

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