Our Best Stories

Bedtime around our house makes preparations for D Day look simple.  There are lots of jammies to be put on.  There are lots of teeth to brush.  There are lots of stuffed animals to be found.  It takes a while.


Historically, our kids have listened to Adventures in Odyssey at bedtime.   And By ‘historically’, I mean every child we have had.  Jackson (now 26) listened to some of the same episodes that our littles are hearing now.   He still thinks the episode with the talking chicken is creepy.   The littles concur.

I have also been telling a series of impromptu stories about Rosie the Six Toed Girl, but in adding details, the story has grown so horribly dark and complicated that I regularly get confronted by the kids with my own plot inconsistencies.  This throws me a curve and ruins the story, so it may be that Rosie needs to retire.

Lately, we’ve just started telling the truth. 

By that, I mean truth of our lives.  I’ve been sharing episodes from our past that we thought they had some knowledge of.  Boy, have we been wrong.  Every night they say, “We didn’t know this!  Why didn’t you tell us?”

There are a lot of stories of faithfulness in our past.  Last night, we told them about a time God answered an absolute crazy prayer of our heart.  When I would stop, Anna, Mercy, Piper, Creed, Cadence & Scout would all stare big-eyed, wanting more.  When it was done, Mercy announced, “This is encouraging!  It makes me excited to pray more!”

Tell your kids your stories.   Don’t assume they’ll learn them by osmosis.

Let the things that fired your heart 20 years ago begin to stoke a fire in theirs.


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