A Fresh Start

I used to be a prolific blogger back when that was a thing.

It started with very short, random posts (think twitter with a 500 character limit) and then longer stuff.  From 2001 to 2010 or so, when we started adding children so quickly that it just got hard, and of course social media was taking off, giving precedent to half baked thoughts rather than paragraphs.

This morning, I deleted every post – about 11,000 of them – because I wanted a fresh start. 

I’m in an unusual spot right now, having resigned a pastorate and not quite sure what is next.  We’re praying about it.   Well, alternately praying, prophesying, declaring and panicking.  But we don’t know what’s next and it seems like that’s okay with the Lord, even if a little rattling to the rest of us.

I need to write a little because it’s what I do, and I’m not preaching right now. 

Preaching meant a lot of writing.  Every week I’d produce about 5,000 words on something and I loved the discipline of it.  I miss it.

It dawned on me last night that I haven’t really created anything more than a short email since November 8th. In the words of Common Sense 3:16, “Use it or lose it.”

I’m going to use it, and if it matters to you, that’s awesome.  I need things to matter, even if only to me.

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